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Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car InsuranceClassic car insurance is different from regular auto insurance. You don’t drive your classic car everyday, so you should not insure it like you do your other vehicles. There are opportunities to save money on your insurance premium since your classic car is not your regular transportation.

Learn the Difference Between Classic and Antique Automobiles

  • Classic Automobile: A motor vehicle that is 10 years or older and is of special historical interest.
  • Antique Automobile: A motor vehicle which is 25 years or older.

Conditions for Classic Car Insurance Eligibility Can Include:

  • Your classic or antique car must be used on a limited basis for activities such as car exhibitions, clubs, and parades or other events.
  • Your classic or antique car must be restored, maintained or preserved or be under active restoration.

Insure your classic car or antique car based on how you use it. Less usage often means lower premiums. In addition, it’s possible to get coverage without mileage limits so you can enjoy driving your vehicle whenever you want.

Classic car insurance can cover the entire agreed value of your vehicle to protect your investment of money and time spent caring for your car. Get 100% of your car’s value in the event of a total loss based on your policy choice.

Another option available is to combine all of your vehicles in an agreed value policy. This includes collector cars, regular-use vehicles, pickups, trailers, motorcycles, RVs and exotics.

Contact your McCartin agent for a quote for classic car insurance and to find out more about this coverage.