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Motorcycle Insurance

Protect You and Your Bike

Cover your bike with insurance from McCartinGet the coverage that your motorcycle needs. Car insurance doesn’t protect your bike. Our policies protect from one to 12 motorcycles. Coverage limits of up to $50,000 are available. We offer protection for custom parts and customized bikes and trikes. Protect your vintage bikes with coverage options.

Find Out About Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

  • Riding Safety Course

    – Reduce the cost of your motorcycle insurance by taking a riding safety course.

  • Experienced Rider Discount

    – Having your motorcycle license for more than three years.

  • Bundle & Save

    – You can bundle insurance for multiple vehicles and policies for car, home and life to save more. Learn about insurance bundling.

  • Multiple Motorcycle Discount

    – Insure multiple motorcycles on the same policy and save.

Choose an Independent Agent for Your Motorcycle Insurance

When you are shopping for bike insurance, we offer you choices. You only have one choice when you purchase from agents who represent just one insurance company. Agents representing only one insurance company are sometimes called ‘captive’ agents. In many cases, online direct insurance companies sell direct to you without even using an agent.

An independent agent is not tied to any one insurance company and is your personal advocate. Our agents provide you with multiple quotes from multiple carriers. You can select what works best. And, our independent agents will represent you if you have a claim.