Personal Valuables Coverage, Insurance for Valuable Articles

Personal Valuables Coverage

Personal Valuables CoverageGet additional coverage to protect your valuable articles beyond what your homeowners or renters policy covers. Your homeowners or renters policy will cover some of the value of your property in case of lose but may not cover valuable property fully. You can cover the full replacement cost for the valuable things you own.

Depending on what you want to make sure is covered from a diamond ring to a baseball card collection, McCartin offers options to protect it. You can be worry-free with coverage against everyday risks such as theft and damage. McCartin Insurance provides personal articles coverage in all of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC, Ohio and North Carolina residents

Personal Valuables Policy May Cover:

• Musical Instruments
• Silverware and Goldware
• Sports Equipment like golf clubs, fishing gear, bicycles
• Furs
• Medical devices including hearing aids
• Cameras
• Computers and software (for personal use)
• Fine art including sculpture and painting
• Collectibles such as baseball cards, comic books, dolls, coin collections

Wordwide Coverage

When you travel anywhere, valuable items that you take with you such as jewelry and cameras can be covered from theft and damage.

Replacement Cost Coverage

Your items are covered to be repaired or replaced without deduction for depreciation. Your items are insured against theft and accidental direct physical damage with some limitations and exclusions.


Usually, there is no deductible for a personal valuables policy, unless a deductible is desired.