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Do You Need Renter’s Insurance?

by Joseph McCartin

Many people have the common misconception that insurance should only be purchased to protect the things you own— a car, a house, a boat, etc. Most renters also assume that the home they are occupying is insured by their landlord and that this protection also applies to them. While the homeowner’s insurance does cover the walls […]

7 Tips for Driving in the Rain

by Joseph McCartin

April showers bring May flowers, and potentially dangerous driving conditions. Driving in rain, from a light misting to heavy downpour, is almost unavoidable. In some parts of the country, it could even be a daily occurrence! Whether you’re driving yourself or your family, here are our top seven tips for how to keep everyone safe […]

5 Common Hiking Mistakes to Avoid and Stay Safe

by Joseph McCartin

With the temperatures rising and the days getting longer, many people are looking to spend more time outdoors. What better way to enjoy the warm weather and get some exercise than to hit the trails? In fact, researchers have found that spending time in local or national parks can help us cope with stress and […]

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What to do if you’re in an Uber Accident

by Joseph McCartin

Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft have taken over the streets as a reliable and affordable means of transportation in cities and suburbs alike. But with this new technology, passengers can be left in the dark when it comes to collision policies should their driver get into an accident. Here is what to do […]

4 Signs It’s Time to Breakup with Your Car

by Joseph McCartin

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, many of us are taking a good, hard look at our relationships. Is this person right for me? Do they treat me the way I deserve to be treated? While you may be asking these questions of your significant other, you’re probably overlooking a relationship also worth examining— the […]

How Much Life Insurance Does a Stay-at-Home Spouse Need?

by Joseph McCartin

A stay-at-home spouse is vital to the family unit, but often the financial impact is overlooked if something were to happen to that person. Choosing the best life insurance plan for a stay-at-home spouse is a proactive way to protect against financial hardship when they’re gone. Little research exists that quantifies the value of a […]

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Term Life Insurance vs. Whole Life Insurance

by Joseph McCartin

As confusing as life insurance may be, it is essential to know your loved ones are taken care of in case anything happens to you. The two life insurance policies you can choose from are term life insurance and whole life insurance. Both policies can provide the desired protection you want for your dependents, but […]